Lanfer Terminals 20


As a family owned business in third generation, the company is committed to future generations. Therefore, a careful use of limited resources is granted.

We have established measures that benefit the environment and our custemors too.

  • Constant renewal of the fleet
  • Euro VI – vehicles
  • Retarder
  • Automatic transmission
  • Alternatives to road transport: transport by vessel / train
  • Every month about 550 transports in intermodal transport (road/rail)
  • Organisation of block trains ( 60.000 tons / Year 2009 )
  • At our cleaning stations rainwater is used for outside cleaning of trucks
  • Wastewater treatment at our cleaning stations


Even in the field of reduction of CO2 emissions, we have taken measures

  • Development of requirements for emission behavior of vehicles (Euro standards)
  • Continuing reduction of fuel consumption of new vehicles by motor and vehicle measures
  • Development of environmentally friendly alternative motor technology
  • Optimization of utlization
  • Empty-km reduction
  • Optimization of routes and route planning
  • Training of drivers in fuel and low-emission driving

The measures will be evaluated in a reporting to determine the emissions per driven relation.