Lanfer Terminals 20

The company Lanfer Logistik GmbH, headquarter in Meppen, is your competent partner for individual solutions in the following scopes:

  • Logistic
  • Contract logistic
  • Transport
  • Storage & Handling
  • Cleaning stations and workshops
  • Education and Training

The following features characterize Lanfer Logistik not only as a company specialized in transport fields, but also underscore the logistic processes which makes Lanfer Logistik also an information manager.

  •  Central organizational unit for the individual service areas
  •  Pro-active Information system
  •  High flexibility by its own transport companies
  •  High Quality standards ensuring accurate and flexible order processing
  •  Corporate separateness, as the entire company is a family owned business in the third generation
  •  Intermodal routings

Lanfer Logistik GmbH is your strong partner for reducing your logistic costs by concurrently increasing your efforts.

We are a logistic service provider combining the advantages of a medium-sized business and a big enterprise. The flat organisation and short channels are extremely apt for the quick realisation of new ideas. Nevertheless Lanfer Logistik belong a huge variety of equipment, which is not inferior to a big enterprise and allows us to realize also short term customer requirements.