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With 250.000 tons of handling the Eurohafen Emsland is a very important harbor for the regional area. 4 handling facilities and 1 dolphin berth are integrated in the 570m large harbor site. In 2008 the Eurohafen was founded in cooperation of Lanfer Logistik GmbH and two co-owners. The waterways Dortmund-Ems channel and Ems are essential parts for the combined freight traffic. Located at kilometer 176.60 between Meppen and Haren you will find the 43 hector large harbor facility with a branch canal to the harbor basin and access to the neighbouring industrial area. Hydraulic and cable excavators, bobcats and wheel loaders are in place for the handling of goods. Also a rail connection to the Deutsche Bahn AG is ready for use, so that good can be taken over by and from railway wagons. By its condition Eurohafen Emsland can be also used for three-layer container traffic to the north.

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