Lanfer Terminals 20


Lanfer Logistik is the family brand under which all Services are offered from logistics up to transport.

The corporate division named Lanfer Transporte carries out transports of liquids, powders, gases and granulates all over Europe.

Our experts in the corporate Division Meurer organizes combined transports for you transport orders.

Food transports require a high quality standard at each transport. Our division Wekawe fulfills your expectations and provides all needed qualifications.

This division is responsible for transports with silo trucks and also for bulk trucking activities in national and international traffic.

Lanfer Terminals is offering all Services around tank storage and product blending. By this just in time deliveries are guaranteed.

CombiShip organizes and executes bulk transports by barge using special tanks for liquids.

A professional tank cleaning is offerd by this for cleaning activities certified company division to our customers.

Learning from the professionals! Driving learners can gain nearly all kind of driving licences here. But also advanced trainings for professional drivers, driving trainings and workshops concerning transportation of hazardous goods are offered.